Mindfulness – Channelled spiritual guidance

Mankind is on the verge of an important shift of consciousness

Mankind is on the verge of an important shift of consciousness

Words in italics are channelled spiritual guidance:

The constant need to be moving is one that eventually wears out the physical body and depletes the spirit through lack of “maintenance”

It can be overridden at will by simply disconnecting from the daily pressures of human life and practising mindfulness in whatever form suits the individual. This may be meditation, or simply sitting in a state of stillness and calm, enabling the mind to be free of thought and the pressure of doing rather than being. This need only be very brief to have a profound, energising effect, Do not be misled into thinking that much long and arduous tasking of this kind is necessary.

The willingness to change is all that is needed and, once this is recognised, the relevant tool will be brought into focus. Keep it simple, for complexity only serves to put off those who are unused to such practises at first. . This method of enlightenment and nourishment of the inner being is very powerful and can bring one inner peace in a surprisingly short time with regular application. Much benefit can be derived from very little effort. This is the way through the maze of difficulties most people face on a daily basis, a navigational aid if taken seriously. There is nothing to fear and much to be gained by incorporating such things at even a basic level.

We cannot emphasise strongly enough how important this is. Mankind is on the verge of an important shift of consciousness. To this end we would like to encourage whatever measures are found to be amenable to each individual for the purposes of freeing the mind. This will allow clarity to become the norm, rather than confusion and the resulting stress.

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