We are all One – Channelled message

We are all One

We are all One

Words in italics are all channelled message:

Hello. What would you like us to learn today?

You were thinking about the nature of our relationship with Source and each other. Would you like to talk about that?

Yes please.

In a single statement it could be explained thus: We are all One. Individual souls only appear to be separate, they are all connected through the Mind which is not in bodies (although you learn, incorrectly, that this is the case). Disincarnate souls are not separate from the living, again they are connected through the Mind. Divine Source links all and is the centre and essence of all. It is only the vibrational frequencies of each of these that render their appearance to be different.

 So presumably, this is why we can communicate with you?

Yes. We are not separate and so by tuning in to us you can easily receive our guidance though your Mind.

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