The Collective Dream of Life – Channelled message


The reality is that you are with Divine Source

The reality is that you are with Divine Source

Words in italics are channelled message:

If, as you have said, Divine Source is ‘the centre and essence of all’ then how come there is anger, hatred, fear, etc.?

There isn’t.

 Well it certainly seems that way when I look at the news.

This is because of how you view the world. You think of it as being where you are, don’t you?


In fact this is not the case. You only appear to be here. You only appear to be living in your body with others on this planet within this Universe. The reality is that you are with Divine Source, linked with Divine Source and all others whilst your collective Mind has moved outwards from this and thinks it is elsewhere.

 I have read about this, that we are collectively dreaming our lives, some of which are nightmares and some pleasant dreams. So is this really the case?

 Yes. The dreams you have at night reflect this reality and they do seem very real whilst you are dreaming them. To answer your earlier question, if you are projecting your collective mind outwards in this collective dream life, this represents only a projection (think of it like the projection of a film) of your mind and not really the Mind essence. So the essence (or Source) is still with you, but not in the projection. It is difficult to explain in words to you, but the Divine Source of all is not the Source of the world, but you who are extensions of Source are projecting outwards and have formed this world through your collective, linked mind.

 Why? Why are we not happy to stay with Divine Source?

You are created with free will. You simply willed the world.

 Oh! Nothing to do with ‘the Original Sin’ then?

No. How can beings, at one with Source be sinful?

 So what about people who do appear to do very sinful things in the world, like rape or murder?

They are merely part of the collective dream, collectively being created.

 But why?

As balance in the dream. Often called karma.

 So how can we have happy dreams or become aware that we have not left?

You have answered your question. Happy dreams can be had when it is realized that you are linked with Source and always have been. You never left. You are One with Divine Source.

 Thank you.


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