Illusion of the world – Channelled guidance

Only your pre-occupation with worldly limitations is causing restrictions to your power

Only your pre-occupation with worldly limitations is causing restrictions to your power

Words in italics are channelled guidance:

In earthly terms you have to think in the illusion of linear time. Just as the future is shaped by the past, and also to see the direction you are going, look at where you have been.

With every thought word and deed the pattern changes and all settles into place like water taking the shape of its container. Change the container’s shape and you change the appearance of the shape the water follows.

Awareness of your loving energy will banish all disruption of lower energies. For at the moment, and indeed all moments, your energies are distracted and turned out of balance by focus on worldly matters (which do not matter). The aspect which is you, your souls or life forces, are really the most important focus of your thoughts – but this is not occurring. Instead, humankind focuses on the illusion which is the worldly scenes playing out – believing that, rather than creating and experiencing love and its perfection.

Your human lives are a constant stream of restrictive practices, and not enough time is devoted to ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’

Please know that the ideal is for you all (humankind) to have continual link with us, for in this matter much can change – a force of spiritual power can overcome all dis-illusion – for your current illusion is disillusioning for humankind. Know that you are all powerful beings. You are unlimited in nature and only your pre-occupation with the limited of the world is causing restrictions to your power.

The power is one of love and unlimited attainment, accepting no boundaries. You have no idea of your abilities – we wish you to know them.

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