Your True State – Spiritual guidance

You are powerful, unlimited beings of energy

You are powerful, unlimited beings of energy

Words in italics are spiritual guidance:

To all the peoples of the earth, we wish to help you with the way through your present predicament.

Humankind is unaware of the damage being done on a grand scale by their collective thoughts words and actions.

You are all mired down with life and its apparent complications and hardships. Yet in reality you are living a false illusion, for life need not be like this.

Know that you are beings of energy, of pure Love, designed to exist in peaceful harmony with each other, with Source and with your planet. All are meant to be linked and co-existing in glorious, joyful harmony.

Your reality is not that which you now consider to be your reality. Your true reality knows no unemployment, hardship, sickness or hate – this you have devised as your reality and it is unreal – however false that statement may appear to you.

We wish to remind you that you are powerful, unlimited beings of energy who are linked to Source and indeed, are part of Source (or Universal Energy). That energy is Love, Purity of Nature, Joyous, Light, Free, Peaceful, Harmonious, Powerful beyond your present imaginings. Welcome to your true state! Know this and live like this, for this is the gateway to a new beginning and new way through for humankind.

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