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Holy Spirit II – Channelling from Divine Source

The words in italics are channelling from Divine Source. Is there more you would like to teach us about the Holy Spirit please? Indeed, for there is much to understand. The thread which links you to Source, which many call, the Holy Spirit, is the most helpful tool for humankind … Continue reading

Courage to be who you truly are – Channeling

The words in italics are channeling: Here is a Christmas message from Divine Source to you all: Having the courage to be who you truly are (an expression of Source) can seem difficult initially. You may feel that you do not ‘fit in’, or seem ‘strange’ to other people. Do … Continue reading

Souls – Channelling from Divine Source

The words in italics are channelling from Divine Source: Some people say that animals do not have souls. I cannot believe that. Animals are expressions of Source Consciousness, as are you. The individual expressions of Source consciousness are called souls.  What about insects and very simple organisms, such as bacteria? … Continue reading

Illness – Channeled message from Divine Source

The writing in italics is channeled message from Divine Source: Could you please explain illness to me? Are you sure you want to hear the answer?   Why do you ask that? Because illness is a result of people not listening to uncomfortable truths. It is a result of people … Continue reading

Why is life so often difficult? – Q & A – Channelling

Words in italics are channelling: We received the following question to ask Source: ‘It is difficult to understand on a human level why atrocities occur to innocent people. Please can you explain this?’ This is an understandable question. It is very difficult for people to comprehend the causes of earthly atrocities, … Continue reading