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Your vibrations – Channelled message

Words in italics are channelled message: Things on earth still don’t seem to be getting any better, despite the application of love by many people, as you suggest. Do not let this deter you from being who you truly are – an expression of Source Energy – love, peace and … Continue reading

Souls – Channelling from Divine Source

The words in italics are channelling from Divine Source: Some people say that animals do not have souls. I cannot believe that. Animals are expressions of Source Consciousness, as are you. The individual expressions of Source consciousness are called souls.  What about insects and very simple organisms, such as bacteria? … Continue reading

Why is life so often difficult? – Channeling from Source 1

The writing in italics is channeling from Source: What would you like to teach us today?  Why life is so often difficult for people.  That would be very useful. Firstly, people need to understand that the problems they appear to be encountering are made from their mind. Please could you … Continue reading