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Holy Spirit II – Channelling from Divine Source

The words in italics are channelling from Divine Source. Is there more you would like to teach us about the Holy Spirit please? Indeed, for there is much to understand. The thread which links you to Source, which many call, the Holy Spirit, is the most helpful tool for humankind … Continue reading

The Holy Spirit I – Channelled message from Source

Words in italics are channelled message from Source. There is a gossamer of energy into which all can attune. This energy is of high vibration. It will gift you with wisdom, knowing and immense peace for it flows from Source. It is all around, but hidden from most for they … Continue reading

Religion – Channeled message from Source

Words in italics are channeled message from Source: Religion is a cradle for those who are at a stage of needing it. It soothes and rocks gently and can help to foster a thirst for knowledge of the Divine Source. It is also an institution of humankind and therefore its … Continue reading

Why is life so often difficult? – Channeling from Source 2

The writing in italics is channeling from Source: There is another level of understanding about why ‘life’ is so often felt to be difficult. This is harder for people to comprehend, but for a clearer picture and understanding of reality it is necessary to talk to you about this.  Essentially, as … Continue reading

Other Lives – Channelled message from Source

Words in italics are channelled message from Source: I was thinking about other lives and this came through…… All time is simultaneous, therefore all lives are being lived now. This is part of the continuum of existence for every part of Source energy. So does Source live lives also? No, not … Continue reading