Your Co-operation is Vital – Channelled Message

Words in italics are channelled message from Source: There is much work to be done by the human inhabitants of planet earth to help divert the negative current which presently abounds. We would like to stress the importance of applying a positive outlook to even the most negative of situations. Although it seems incredible, this […]

What makes a person ‘spiritual’? – Guidance

All words in italics are spiritual guidance. What makes a person ‘spiritual’? All people are spiritual. People are not flesh, people are not their thoughts or their personalities. The essence of all people is that they are spiritual energy.  Your question does not refer to this, however. You wish to ask the qualities of a […]

The Key to Happiness – Guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance: What is the best way to cope when feeling overwhelmed? Be at peace. Find the still place within, the haven of love and upliftment which all humans possess but rarely access, especially in times of difficulty. Your ongoing stresses and strains can be helped massively by putting aside a […]

How to conquer adversity – Channelled Guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance: What would you like us to know today? Love conquers all adversity. It sounds trite now, but could not be more true. The problem is that humankind does not apply this simple and yet so very powerful knowledge. When someone is mean, the first reaction for so many is […]

Anger – Channelled message from Divine Source

Words in italics are channelled message from Divine Source. Why do people become angry?  Anger is an expression of lack of contentedness. This sounds obvious but if you think about it more deeply, there is more to discern. First you need to consider what constitutes contentedness. Being content is a state of completeness, of no […]

Resistance – Channelled spiritual guidance

Words in italics are channelled spiritual guidance: Some people seem very resistant to ‘being love and peace’ and don’t wish to use the techniques you suggest. How can we help them?  Many versions of truth exist. Many versions of a set of circumstances exist when experienced by more than one person, each having their own […]

Your true job – Channelled guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance. What would you like to tell us please? It is most important that humankind stops running around without thought and without concern for themselves as souls and for others as souls. Many are more concerned about issues which do not really matter, such as their possessions or lack of […]

How to align with Source – Channelling

Words in italics are channelling. How can people ‘align with Source’ which is what you have asked us to do? It is an easy thing to do. BE LOVING in all aspects of your life, however difficult it appears to be.  What if people are shouting at you, bullying you…. Respond, not in the way […]

Feeling Safe – Channelling from Source

Words in italics are channelling from Source: Many people have reason to feel unsafe in this life. How can they be helped? Platitudes do not assist in a situation like this. When people feel that they are in real danger physically or emotionally, at the time this is occurring, it is difficult to take preventive […]

Small Steps – Channelled message

The words in italics are channelled message: There is great need to increase the momentum of the rise in vibrational frequency in humankind. Generally speaking, humans do not pay enough attention to the balance of body, mind and spirit. This combination of essential parts of the human form is the reason you are able to […]