What happens when we die? – Channelled message

Words in italics are channelled message. Please would you tell us what happens when we die? You never die. You are of spirit, you are of Source and Source is All That Is, All That Was and All That Will Be. Source is All and Forever and so therefore are you.   So do we […]

Lead by example, with Love – Channelled Guidance

The words in italics are channelled guidance: Can you imagine a world of total peace, love and harmony, free from any kind of turmoil or need, with abundance and freedom for all? This is what can be created if you will only put your efforts into thinking and acting differently. These things are not just […]

Your vibrations – Channelled message

Words in italics are channelled message: Things on earth still don’t seem to be getting any better, despite the application of love by many people, as you suggest. Do not let this deter you from being who you truly are – an expression of Source Energy – love, peace and harmony personified. You are simply […]

Your true job – Channelled guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance. What would you like to tell us please? It is most important that humankind stops running around without thought and without concern for themselves as souls and for others as souls. Many are more concerned about issues which do not really matter, such as their possessions or lack of […]

Buddhahood – Q & A – Channeling

The words in italics are channeling in answer to a question for which we were asked to channel a response: I am a Buddhist. Is Buddhahood and God the same thing? ‘Buddhahood’ is an aspect of Divine Source (or God), an aspect which is in everyone, but which needs attention to encourage it to burgeon […]

How to align with Source – Channelling

Words in italics are channelling. How can people ‘align with Source’ which is what you have asked us to do? It is an easy thing to do. BE LOVING in all aspects of your life, however difficult it appears to be.  What if people are shouting at you, bullying you…. Respond, not in the way […]

Domino Effect – Channelled spiritual guidance

The words in italics are channelled spiritual guidance: You (collectively) are making good headway but are as yet unaware, because you are focussed on ‘doing’ a lot of the time, rather than ‘being’ As this balance swings and people allow themselves to simply ‘be’ a little more often, the results will become apparent. Your combined […]

Spiritual Truth – Channelled guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance: What would you like us to learn today? To imbibe and live the Spiritual Truths that you know and read about. Many people hunger for Spiritual Truth and are searching for something to make them feel whole and complete. The reality is that the Truth is within all of […]

Feeling Safe – Channelling from Source

Words in italics are channelling from Source: Many people have reason to feel unsafe in this life. How can they be helped? Platitudes do not assist in a situation like this. When people feel that they are in real danger physically or emotionally, at the time this is occurring, it is difficult to take preventive […]

Courage to be who you truly are – Channeling

The words in italics are channeling: Here is a Christmas message from Divine Source to you all: Having the courage to be who you truly are (an expression of Source) can seem difficult initially. You may feel that you do not ‘fit in’, or seem ‘strange’ to other people. Do not allow this to be […]