Question on receiving Higher Vibrations

Question: This channeled information is helpful, but how does one prepare to receive the higher vibrations? All my adult life, I have been seeking to “connect” with Source, Spirit, God, not intellectually or superficially, but “actually” experiencing pure Love in my consciousness. This happened to me once several years ago, when I was working with […]

Your True Self – Channelling from Source

Words in italics are channelling from Source. We would like to tell you more about who you really are. You are not your body, nor your mind, nor a separate soul. You are all part of the Highest vibrational Source, which some call God. You are all connected. You are all One. This you know […]

Death – Channelled message from Divine Source

Words in italics are channelled message from Divine Source. Please would you tell us further about death? There is no death, there is only life energy taking different forms. It is a natural progression from one form to another, a moving of all energy. An ebb and flow, a coursing river of energetic vibrations which […]

Shift in Consciousness – Message

Words in italics are a message from Source. There is a ripple in the consciousness, an excitement which awaits the next wave of positive energy to alight humankind. This ripple is the talked of ‘Shift in Consciousness’ on the Earth plane. It is a raising of consciousness itself which cannot be experienced until humankind has […]

Your Co-operation is Vital – Channelled Message

Words in italics are channelled message from Source: There is much work to be done by the human inhabitants of planet earth to help divert the negative current which presently abounds. We would like to stress the importance of applying a positive outlook to even the most negative of situations. Although it seems incredible, this […]

Energy Shift – Channelled message from Source

Words in italics are channelled message from Source. We have much to tell you. There is an energy shift occurring at the moment which will have major repercussions for the spiritual growth of humankind.  Please would you explain further? The timing is twofold. Firstly, there is perceived great need of higher vibrational energy on earth. […]

What makes a person ‘spiritual’? – Guidance

All words in italics are spiritual guidance. What makes a person ‘spiritual’? All people are spiritual. People are not flesh, people are not their thoughts or their personalities. The essence of all people is that they are spiritual energy.  Your question does not refer to this, however. You wish to ask the qualities of a […]

Be everything you came here to be – Message

Words in italics are a channelled message from Source. What would you like to teach us today? The purpose of your earthly existences is to learn and grow spiritually, enabling the ‘whole’ to benefit. But you have lost sight of your interconnectedness with all that is, and you mostly find yourselves struggling against a tide […]

Make your life totally different – Guidance

Words in italics are guidance: We wish to remind you that you are much more than you give yourselves credit for. The elegance and beauty of your true form is way beyond what any of you can imagine. If you would allow yourselves to be who you truly are – an expression of Source – […]

The Key to Happiness – Guidance

Words in italics are channelled guidance: What is the best way to cope when feeling overwhelmed? Be at peace. Find the still place within, the haven of love and upliftment which all humans possess but rarely access, especially in times of difficulty. Your ongoing stresses and strains can be helped massively by putting aside a […]