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Religion – Channeled message from Source

The purpose of all souls is true communication with Divine Source

The purpose of all souls is true communication with Divine Source

Words in italics are channeled message from Source:

Religion is a cradle for those who are at a stage of needing it.

It soothes and rocks gently and can help to foster a thirst for knowledge of the Divine Source.

It is also an institution of humankind and therefore its proper purpose can be abused and sadly often is.  Too often the needs of the organisation become more important than the needs of the souls who would attend. As a result they fail in their purpose of acting as a platform to help souls merge with Source. Instead they can hinder this purpose and act as a veil, or even a brick wall, to true communication with the Divine, which is the purpose of all souls.

For some, religion performs its proper function and allows a blossoming of intent and will to seek Source purely and directly.

Wise souls will not tolerate another to intercede between them and Divine Source for there is neither need nor value, unless the person believes that direct communication is not possible.

We look forward to the time when all souls, in love, will merge with the Source of All That Is, as it will be the homecoming and deliverance for humankind.


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