Question on receiving Higher Vibrations

Your True Self – Channelling from Source

You are all part of the Highest vibrational Source, which some call God
You are all part of the Highest vibrational Source, which some call God

Words in italics are channelling from Source.

We would like to tell you more about who you really are.

You are not your body, nor your mind, nor a separate soul.

You are all part of the Highest vibrational Source, which some call God.

You are all connected.

You are all One.

This you know in theory, but you do not apply in practice.

In practice this means looking beyond the physical appearance of things.

Beyond your apparent world and into the realm of connected feeling.

To connect with All That Is you need to quieten your mind, to find the still space within, that aspect of you which is of Source.

Feel the vibration of this Source energy.

Allow it to expand in your awareness and reach outwards

In so doing you connect with your unlimitedness and become One with All That Is.

Then hold on to this serenity.

Let the flow of this high vibrational energy be your guide and succour.

Allow the connectedness to All to further expand your awareness and thus enable the unlimitedness of your true self to be realised.


Death – Channelled message from Divine Source

Death is a natural progression from one form to another
Death is a natural progression from one form to another

Words in italics are channelled message from Divine Source.

Please would you tell us further about death?

There is no death, there is only life energy taking different forms.

It is a natural progression from one form to another, a moving of all energy. An ebb and flow, a coursing river of energetic vibrations which allows All That Is to develop, to create, to expand.

 Do not mourn this change of form. It is an inevitable consequence of expansion.

Without change, there is blockage and stagnation.

 No one is ever lost to you. Their form only changes and you can link with their new expression of consciousness whenever you like because everything is linked and all is a part of All That Is. In fact it can be easier to connect after the discarding of the physical body because in the new expression of spirit there are no constraints of time or space.

Just reach out your consciousness, reach out your mind when in a state of calm and connectedness with All and you will find that a link occurs. You will find the transformed consciousness to be of a higher vibration than when in an earthly body. The increase in vibrational frequency is a result of the transformation, so do not expect the connection to feel the same. The energetic consciousness will have developed which is a reason for the death to have occurred. They will have contributed to the further creation and expansion of All That Is.

 Thank you. This explanation is very helpful.

Shift in Consciousness – Message

There is a ripple in the consciousness
There is a ripple in the consciousness

Words in italics are a message from Source.

There is a ripple in the consciousness, an excitement which awaits the next wave of positive energy to alight humankind. This ripple is the talked of ‘Shift in Consciousness’ on the Earth plane. It is a raising of consciousness itself which cannot be experienced until humankind has raised its consciousness in readiness. This surge of high vibrational energy is tantalizingly close to burgeoning forth for all, but needs a further lifting of positive energy in humankind to allow it to be experienced in the collective mind.

When activated, this ripple will have far flung consequences, which only the highest energy of Love can achieve. The Universe, in turn, awaits the raising of the energy vibrations of humankind to turn the key to the release of this conscious wave of highest vibrational Love for all.

 What will happen when the Shift in Consciousness occurs?

It will herald an era of tolerance, of higher ideals, of Love in action. People and animals will be more connected to the collective consciousness and so will have easier access to the wisdom of all time. It is the next phase of the development of humankind and the Universe.

 Will there be no more negativity?

There will still be negativity for it is through this that the balance of goodness is able to be expressed. However, the negativity will not be able to subsume those who are in connection with the higher vibrational energy. There will also be more people who can connect with All That Is and influence events positively.

 Thank you.

Your Co-operation is Vital – Channelled Message


Words in italics are channelled message from Source:

There is much work to be done by the human inhabitants of planet earth to help divert the negative current which presently abounds.

We would like to stress the importance of applying a positive outlook to even the most negative of situations. Although it seems incredible, this helps more than you can imagine.

A life on earth will always bring challenges, but we wish to remind you that every problem has a solution. To access a solution you need to adjust your thoughts and emotions accordingly, withdrawing your focus from the problem and applying it to the solution instead.

We understand that you may find it too difficult to leap instantly from downcast to uplifted, but consider taking small steps towards a more positive outlook by practicing appreciation for what you have rather than bemoaning what you lack, remaining hopeful even when things seem hopeless.

Whenever possible, be in the company of positive people or take a walk in nature. Raising your personal vibration by even the smallest amount means that you are providing a great service to humanity, assisting the collective rise in consciousness that is so desperately needed.

Your co-operation is vital. Be Love. Be Peace.

Energy Shift – Channelled message from Source

There is an energy shift occurring at the moment
There is an energy shift occurring at the moment

Words in italics are channelled message from Source.

We have much to tell you.

There is an energy shift occurring at the moment which will have major repercussions for the spiritual growth of humankind.

 Please would you explain further?

The timing is twofold. Firstly, there is perceived great need of higher vibrational energy on earth. Secondly, there are enough people and animals who are able to absorb this energy and so it can be delivered safely. These people and animals agreed to enter the earth plane for this purpose.

 What will be the effect of this energy shift to higher vibration?

We are unable to predict exactly, because humans have free will to act in positive or negative ways. What we can tell you is that will provide a much better vibrational environment to facilitate the positive spiritual growth of humankind. It will provide a better opportunity for such growth.

 It will also more easily allow higher vibrational spiritual assistance to be connected to those in need. It will reduce the gap between higher vibrational beings who are of Source and those beings on earth. This is good news for all!

 It makes it more likely for those on earth to realise (make real) their spiritual potential which will positively influence all.

 Thank you.


What makes a person ‘spiritual’? – Guidance


All words in italics are spiritual guidance.

What makes a person ‘spiritual’?

All people are spiritual. People are not flesh, people are not their thoughts or their personalities. The essence of all people is that they are spiritual energy.

 Your question does not refer to this, however. You wish to ask the qualities of a person who is highly vibrational as opposed to being a person who on this earth appears to not be vibrating as highly as they are capable.


To aid reaching a high vibration, (which allows an opening to Source energy and enables the possible limitlessness of your being to be expressed) you simply need to have the intention of opening yourself up to Source. Please note, we did not say ‘strive’ or ‘journey towards’ or ‘work on yourself’, we used the words ‘intention’ and ‘allow’. These both indicate that you already have all the resources available to you to reach a high vibration. You simply need to have the intention to allow or open up to Source energy.

The signs that a person is linked to Source energy are that they are radiant, they shine out with Love. They exude an inner peace and calm. They are compassionate, they are linked to nature and their presence shines out positively, soothing the way for others.

 All humankind is capable of high vibrational living. It is a matter of choice. When more people choose to do this, the higher the vibrations will be on earth, which will result in a positive energy shift, allowing increased harmony, peace and love on the earth plane.

Thank you.

Be everything you came here to be – Message

Be resplendent in the glory of who you really are
Be resplendent in the glory of who you really are

Words in italics are a channelled message from Source.

What would you like to teach us today?

The purpose of your earthly existences is to learn and grow spiritually, enabling the ‘whole’ to benefit.

But you have lost sight of your interconnectedness with all that is, and you mostly find yourselves struggling against a tide of hopelessness, fear, anger and frustration.

This need not be the case. You have many tools at your disposal to help with the reversal of a negative state of being, but you forget to hone and use them.

At every opportunity, give yourselves a little ‘downtime’.

By swopping your focus to the inner rather than the outer part of your being, you can make great headway and fulfil your original purpose, experiencing it joyfully rather than woefully.

You will always encounter testing experiences because that is the plan. However, you needn’t approach them from a place of angst or disappointment.

Hold fast and anchor yourselves to the bedrock of love which is the foundation of all that is. This will allow you to be everything you came here to be, resplendent in the glory of who you really are.


Make your life totally different – Guidance

Enhance your earthly existence by maintenance of your inner being
Enhance your earthly existence by maintenance of your inner being

Words in italics are guidance:

We wish to remind you that you are much more than you give yourselves credit for.

The elegance and beauty of your true form is way beyond what any of you can imagine.

If you would allow yourselves to be who you truly are – an expression of Source – then your radiance would shine through your outer coverings, those human forms which you find so restrictive and demanding, and your lives would be totally different.

When you come to accept that you have limitless power and ability to do, be, or have anything you wish without being dependent on exterior influences, you will reform not only your own lives, but the lives of those around you too.

You can enhance your earthly existences by being more mindful of the need for maintenance of your inner being. By connecting to Source as often as possible with the sole intention of recharging and replenishing your core energy, you will soon receive the rewards we speak of – an improvement in all aspects of your lives.

There is immense love and support readily available to everyone who chooses to avail themselves of it. It is boundless and freely given, expansive beyond measure and eternal.

Please use it. It is yours for the asking.

The Key to Happiness – Guidance

Your point of focus is always the key to happiness
Your point of focus is always the key to happiness

Words in italics are channelled guidance:

What is the best way to cope when feeling overwhelmed?

Be at peace.

Find the still place within, the haven of love and upliftment which all humans possess but rarely access, especially in times of difficulty.

Your ongoing stresses and strains can be helped massively by putting aside a little time to replenish your inner being, rejuvenating your physical form in the process.

It is very difficult to find time for that, with so many things to do and so little time to do them……..

We understand your frustrations, but it’s not as difficult as you think it is. In the blink of an eye, simply by centring and refocusing, you can change from a state of feeling negative and overwhelmed to feeling more positive and able to cope.

But how do we do that?

You can begin by appreciating the good things in your lives.

See the beauty in the everyday things you take for granted – the sunrise and sunset, the song of the birds or the smile of a loved one.

 If you see things through the eyes of appreciation, instead of through eyes of anger or fear, everything will change instantly. Your point of focus is always the key to happiness, whatever problems you might face.